Why is Jabba the Hut Naked?

Hey Myke?


You like Star Wars right?

Yup! Why?

Well I was wondering something, how come in a universe full of species other than humans some wear clothes and some don’t?

Excellent Question internal monologue, (oh hey you didn’t know who was asking me all of these questions? well I talk to myself, deal with it! Also it make a convenient little framing device for the blog.)

Back to naked Jabba!

Oh right, rabbit trail and madd hatter avoided.

Well, to me it doesn’t really make sense for some species in the Star Wars universe to be naked and others to wear clothes.

Let me explain, I’m a huge fan of the extended universe and I’ve read almost all of the novels. (Consider my nerd card played)

In several of the novels the idea is presented that the Hutts evolved from…

Disclaim now!


Disclaimer: while a christian and not a believer in Evolution as areal world origin story. We are discussing a fictional universe, and out of necessity I must play by the underlying rules of that universe. Otherwise we will be discussion the apple of Star Wars like it was an eel. (misdirection all up in your grill)

Got it, continue.

Ok, so in Star Wars the underlying origin for the way aliens look is based on their evolutionary heritage i.e. the Hutts came from slugs. This also applies to humans originating from primates and gaining sentience.

With that sentience comes self awareness. This influences a cognification of baser instincts.

For Example:

Primates like apples, primates gain sentience and decide that raw apples are not tasty (an idea born out of sentient thinking) enough, so they skewer it, melt down sugar, dip the apple in it and sell it to families at Disneyland.

This type of process applies to the instinct to “Be Fruitful and Multiply,” (wink, wink, If you know what I mean). Therefore: Skinny Jeans and Spanx.

With an emphasis on appearance and looking good for your co-multiplicator comes the idea of shame and the desire to cover oneself. This is a general reason for clothing.

In addition, galactic expansion would expose each species to new environments and they wold need protective clothing for each environment, i.e. Parkas on Hoth.

So in a universe with those rules of evolutionary progression, why would there exist any naked alien species?