This Guy Went To A Wedding And What Happened Next Might Be A Little Boring Especially With This Super Long SEO-ish Sounding Title

Don’t you just hate those super SEO titles?  Me too!

So last friday Allison and I took off work and went to a wedding. Well, I worked for a chunk of it. The lovely couple asked me to film the wedding so I did. Now I just have to edit it, I may be posting that once I’m done. Keep a look out!

So, I don’t have any photos from the actual ceremony, but I did take some photos. I like taking pictures of things that most people wouldn’t, like people setting up chairs or the random swastikas all around the venue.

I guess I shouldn’t be a wedding photographer, and I don’t think I would want to be. Taking pictures of people in fancy clothes posing with smiles on their face just doesn’t interest me.

On the flip side, I really like shooting video, I think I could be a wedding Videographer.

Anyways, here are those picture things. Just click on one of them to scroll through the full gallery.