The Success of Easter


Hey Myke?



It’s been two weeks since easter, and you still haven’t posted about it.


Yeah I know, I’ve been busy.


I know, you had to fly out to Florida and hang out with your brother because he graduated from college and stuff.


Yup, so let’s take a quick break from that and talk about that awesome sunday!


The Super Awesome Success of Easter


For easter we had a lot of stuff going on, it might have looked simple, but it was deceptively complex. Meaning there was a lot of work that went into pulling it off, and by the grace of God we did.


So what “work” did you put into that Sunday?


Well, one thing that made this service interesting was that music wasn’t the entire focus of the day. The last two years our format has been, play a song, then watch a video, play a second song, watch a second video, then a third song and a third video. This would then be followed by an awesome easter themed sermon.


This year, we did something different. We did two songs back to back at the top of the service. While these were not the main focus of the service, we started practicing about 6 weeks in advance and the two weeks before April 20th, we added a thursday evening practice in addition to our Sunday practices. Then the week of Easter, we had a saturday practice on top of that. Honestly I think we put more effort in to the three songs we played than any other special sunday service I’ve been a part of. The two songs we opened with were:


All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises


Your Great Name


Then began the body of the service. Pastor Phil gave a four part sermon. We opened with a video called “Hope Is Here.” We got the visual from a guy named Dan Stevers who makes these awesome sermon animations. Pastor Phil had me narrate over the top of it and I think it really made the video pop.



After the opening Video Pastor Phil preached and we showed a video from Bluefish TV called “A Man Fell in a Hole”. It tells the story of a man who falls in a hole and is visited by metaphors for various religious in order to help him get out. None of them work, except for Christ who actually gets down in the hole and pulls the man out.



Then another chunk of the sermon and then we showed a video on the blood sacrifice, again from Bluefish TV. This video details the use of blood sacrifices throughout history and how the only sacrifice that brought something good into the world was Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.



Then the fourth and Final Video we showed was another Dan Stevers visual with my narration over the top of it. I think this was my favorite of the videos we made for Easter.



Then we really shook up the format by having my friend Jordan Moss, who hasn’t danced in front of people for a long time once again dance.



After the dance pastor Phil Concluded his sermon and then gave an alter call. Over all we had about 45 people dedicate their lives to following and serving Jesus. All of the late nights and hard work we put into that sunday was all for that. It made it worth it. Even if we only had 1 person, staying up late on Saturday night to finish the narrations would have been worth it.


Finally we wrapped up the service with a Stadium Rock version of “Was it a Morning Like This?”



Then we did it all again for the 11:15am service. How was your Easter?