The Father of the Hood

Today is my father’s birthday, I was originally going to post about a really weird bathroom at CSUN. But then I thought better of it. It is after all a celebration of the day my father entered this world. Without him, I wouldn’t be here today.

Not in the literal sense that if he and my mother hadn’t decided to smishsmash their DNA I wouldn’t have been born. Rather, a reflective figure of speech with “here” meaning at this stage in my life.

Every thing I learned about being a man, I learned by watching my dad.

You see, at various “milestones” in my life, my mother would come and say something to the effect of, “Your dad is taking you to breakfast today.” Eventually I caught on that “Breakfast” meant father son talk time. These talks shaped and refined me, yes some of them were corrective, “what are you doing?” talks. Like when I got my ears peirced without telling them and showed up a spring break with them. But the majority of these breakfasts were passing of the torch moments.

This was where wisdom was passed down in a “do as I do” way. For that father, thank you.

Another part of my life that my father is primarily responsible for is music. When I was in Jr. High, I had expressed interest in learning to play guitar, however I have and always will hate taking lessons in anything. My father knowing me, did two very simple things, he gave me a guitar and a book with chords in it. It took me a while to get around to it, but eventually I picked up the book and started playing some of the chords.

And soon, my dad was letting me plug into an amp (turned very, very low) and play along with the worship band on sunday nights. From there my love for playing grew.

What I will always remember is when I would write and record a song and show it to my parents, it was always my dad who got what I was trying to do. For instance, I played guitar in a very weird Hardcore band named Hepafilter (not for the faint of heart). Was our music comercially viable? Probably not, but we were having fun, and my dad “got” it. Yeah, it would never have been something that he would choose to listen to, but after the show we would sit and talk about what we were doing musically.

My dad has always been the one to quitely tell me that I’m doing a good job and when I choose to leap blindly, he’s been there saying go for it!

Thank you Dad.