How to get Custom Molded In-Ear Monitors for Under $20 – Part 1: Radians Custom Molded Ear Plugs

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Hello Friends!

Today we’re going to talk about Custom In-Ear Monitors and a super cheap way to get a Custom In-Ear experience.

You are going to need three things:

  • Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earphones – Monoprice ($7.88)
  • Radians Custom Molded Ear Plugs – Amazon ($13.16)
  • Exacto or Craft Knife

The process is super simple.

Follow the instructions that come with the Radians Ear Plugs, up until it says to let the ear plugs set, at that point we add an additional step.

While the putty is still pliable, plug in your ear phones to an audio source and press them into the putty, then continue to adjust untill it sounds like the sound is hitting in the right spot in your ear canal.

After the putty has set gently pull them out of your ears and let them cure for a few hours. Then take your knife and simply cut a hole for the ear phone driver and clean up any rough edges.

Let sit overnight and then rock out with your super awesome In-Ear Monitors!

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