I Just Published a Book

Hello Friends and Family,

I work at a music publishing company, and I work in our digital publishing department. Converting our physical books into eBooks for sale on the Apple iBooks Store and the Amazon Kindle Store.

The one thing I’ve wanted to do since starting this position two and a half years ago is to publish my own book.

The problem?

You have to actually write the book.

I’ve started a few, but didn’t finish them.

Until TODAY!

Last night I finished working on a poetry book and in typical Myke fashion, it’s weird.

How Weird?

Well, it’s a series of 25 poems written with the Apple Predictive Type keyboard as my guide. I would start writing a word or choose a random letter and then complete the word with the suggestion from iOS 8.

Surprisingly, the poems turned out almost coherent.

I’m pretty happy with the results.

So without further ADO, I am happy to link you to “Predictive Poetry” by Mychal Clements, available on the iBooks store for Mac and iPad!

Oh and it’s only $1.99

Just click the cover thumbnail to go to the book.

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