Son Of The King – A new Mini Movie about Who We Are in Christ

Have you ever had a moment where you felt like you bit off more than you can chew?

Near the end of December, I was in the shower and thinking about what I wanted to do for my next mini movie. I had written a script for one, but it just didn’t feel right to start working on it yet.

As I began to pray and ask for guidance on what God would have me do. Words started coming. Phrases began to pour out of me like broken fire hydrant.

I dried off as quickly as I could then raced out to the living room where I keep my notebook for ideas. 

I scrambled for a pen but couldn’t find one, my backpack? No. My desk? No Allisons desk? No. Our coffee table? No.

How, in a home with two writers, was there not a single pen when I needed it?!

I stumbled on a thin point market that used in college for an art project. And started scribbling in my horrible handwriting. 

Furiously, I worked, trying to capture the words and the message that I felt God put on my heart for a reason. Writing down the snippets and piecing them together to cohesion.

About an hour later I had a beast of a poem. I wasn’t sure about some of the passages, they seemed very bold, imposing almost. But I felt peace.

I had the idea of a running man, which I  used extensively throughout the film. So I started building him in illustrator, the. Built the character rig for Jesus. Things were going pretty smoothly. 

Then, I started to look for some music to go with the voice over, but I couldn’t find anything that I liked, would fit and afford.

I knew that I would have to compose my own score. This was the first time I felt that, oh my goodness, what did I just order? I don’t think I can finish this, moment.

I sat at my computer completely at a loss, I had no idea what the music should be. It took three days to nail down a score, and I even tweaked it just before exporting. Then another day was spent recording the narration.
With the track done I was free to start animating, and I’m telling you, this project was a beast.

Now, the three other videos I have done all took about 8hrs each. I think I’ve put at least 50 hours into this one video, averaging about 1.5-2 hours a day, pretty much every day.

At one point I was somewhere around the middle of the video, and I just wasn’t sure how to visually represent some of the pieces. And I began to have doubts, was my text to harsh? Did it have too much edge? Will it push people away from christ as oppossed to drawing them to him like I intended?

It was during those days, where one after another, little pieces and phrases from this video were mentioned, confirmation recieved Lord. I’m moving forward. 

I trudged on. Sometimes, I would lose three hours tweaking 1/10 second of footage. I became exhausted. Allison would come home from work and I would say, hey look what I did today and proceed to show off one second of footage out of like 225 seconds total.

Then last tuesday, I had a break through, my last piece of major animation was done. All I had left was about 15 seconds of what was going to be straight text. Allison came home and she was kind enough to give me time to finish before we had dinner. An hour later, I was done animating.

I went into our bedroom, and laid on the bed, put my arms above my head, sighed deeply and said. 

“It’s done”

By Christ’s empowerment ad guidance, I am so beyond thrilled to share with you “Son of the King”

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