In the deep

Hey Myke?


Did you write a new song this week?

Yup! for the first time in about a year, I have written an original song. While my wife was at work today, I recorded it, and while she was sleeping I mixed it and uploaded it. I really like this song, so I’m sharing it with the world! By “world” I mean those that have the (mis)*fortune of stumbling across this blog. Without further ado, or blog words here is “In The Deep” by Myke and a Mic to listen to on your way to work. Oh and did I mention that the song can be downloaded for freesies at


Hat in my hand
Watch my heart bleed down my sleeve
Taking chances
Quest to find that inner peace

Breaking my feet
Run from a mind that torments me
Lost my way
Wading out here in the deep

No reflections
Hallow eyes murder me
What have I done
My hands run crimson like the sea

Over my head
Water clawing into me
I guess I’m drowning in the sea

More awesome MykeMusic here.

*(mis) is optional depending on how you liked the song.