I might have a fitness app problem…

Hey Myke?


You have a problem…

No I don’t!

Yes, yes, you do.

Do not!

How many fitness applications do you have on your phone?



And do you use all of them?


How can you possibly use 9 health and fitness applications?

Well…First off, there’s the nutrisystem App that I use to log my weight with their servers so I qualify for the rewards bears.

Rewards bears?

Yup you get a bear every ten pounds you lose, I have 2! But, on to the fitness apps! First I’m using a really cool running app called Zombies, Run! It’s an immersive “game” where you are caught in a zombie apocalypse and you have to complete missions by running, you “pick up” items as you run and every song or so, you get a little bit of story. I love using it! So after running I have Zombies, Run! sync with my Runnkeeper account.

If I’m riding my bike, I just track the ride with Runkeeper. Then, all of my Runkeeper data syncs with MyFitnessPal, which I use their awesome database of food to track my caloric intake. Then yet again, all of that data is pushed to my Fitbit account, which I have the Fitbit Force to track my steps and sleep, and the Fitbit Aria to track my weight. The Aria is a wifi scale that uploads my data to Fitbit automatically.

I am the ultimate fitness app figureouterer!