Goodness Gracious I Can’t Seem to Stop

Ok, so I recently discovered the awesomness that is Ellie Goulding and on the album “Halcyon” there are some tasty tracks.

One in particular, I cannot stop listening to.


I think I have a problem.

Here is a breakdown of why Goodness Gracious by Ellie Goulding is one of the greatest songs in my life right now.

0:00 – 0:10 The Glitchy Intro

This is a great intro, it brings you into the song nicely and lets you know, “hey this is going to be a fun song”. Plus it isn’t musically full. Mostly just some glitchy drums that will tie into the musical hook, which comes next.

0:10 – 0:18 Bouncy Bounce Instrumental

At this point the song kicks off into a super bouncy musical hook. You can’t help but bob your head along. Which, if you watched the video above, I do.

0:18 – 0:35 Verse 1

Now we bring it down nice and small so that we have room to get huge on the bridge and chorus. We also get a glimpse as to what this video is about, it’s about the heroine’s lack of control over wanting to go back to a former lover. While I don’t really relate to the lyrics (i.e. I’m Married), I do appreciate the contrast of sobering message paired with the incredibly upbeat and catchy music.

0:35 – 0:51 Pre-Chorus

The song starts to swell and we get super dancy. I love the hit and pause feel of the paired lines of the lyrics. Also they are super fun to sing along too.

0:51 – 1:08 The musical gold also known as the chorus.

Man, I love this chorus. The delivery is what makes it the best part of the song. The first time through the lyrics, Ellie is really upbeat about her issue, but then the second time through the chorus it’s delivered with perfect exasperated apathy. Also I love the use of the phrase “Goodness Gracious.”

1:08 – 1:19 Musical Hook

Spin that musical hook one more time so that we can bring our spirits up after we realize what is happening to Ms. Goulding.

1:19 – 1:35 Verse 2

Same thing as Verse 1, but still awesome.

1:35 – 2:23 Pre-Chorus, Chorus, and Musical Hook

Just the same awesomeness again. Gotta Love that repetition!

2:23 – 2:57 Bridge

If there was one weak part of this track it’s the bridge turn around at 2:40 where the buzz saw synth comes in and at 2:48 it almost clashes with the rest of the music.

2:57 – 3:47 Chorus and Musical Hook

And now you want to hit replay!