Be the Light – A New Mini Movie Calling Us to Be the Light

Scripture again and again refers to Light

Both that Jesus is THE light And that WE are to BE the light.

Why? Why is Jesus the light? And why are we called to BE the light?

Because light is powerful. It reveals truth. Light penetrates darkness.

It allows us to see. When Jesus came to earth he allowed us to see our wretchedness, and to see a way out. Through his sacrifice, he illuminated the way to salvation.

And what about us?

Like Jesus did for us, we are to illuminate the way to salvation for others.
Through our lives, through our love, we shine.
Like a beacon, calling the world, come, follow me as I follow Christ.

Scripture Sources:
Matthew 28:19-20
Matthew 5:13
John 8:12

As with all my sermon video packages, included in this download are: