Dear Community: You Will Be Missed or Community is Cancelled and I’m Sad

Community is Cancelled!

Community is Cancelled

My wife text me that this afternoon after the news was announced today that one of my favorite shows NBC’s Community would not be picked up for a 6th Season.

I am saddened by the news not just because I have a vacant slot on Thursday Night Prime Time, but because I have a connection with this show.

The darkest timeline has happened, Community is cancelled.

Let’s go back to Spring of 2009, the new slate of shows had been announced and Hulu Plus wasn’t a thing. I was working for Azusa Pacific University Media Services. A large portion of my job was data entry, and since we had dual monitors I would often pull up the web version of Hulu and watch shows while I worked.

The initial premise of Community was intriguing, a sleaze bag lawyer has to go back to Community College because he didn’t actually get a real Bachelors Degree from a real School.

I watched it.

I liked it.

I didn’t think much of it aftewards.

Later, while sitting in my apartment with the three other dudes I lived with. One of my roommates brother, Kyle who worked at the school and would use our shower from time to time, asked if I had seen the Community Pilot.

I said that I did and I liked it, but I didn’t think it would last.

Kyle asked why?

Well, I really enjoyed the premise, but I think it’s too smart for TV. It was witty, nerdy, meta and very quick. I didn’t think there would be a place for smart humor on TV. I would later be almost proven right when the continuity of the show would come into question because they didn’t sell enough tide. As I talked with Kyle, I started to realize I really like this weird show.

The rest of my friend group slowly started watching it and it would occasionally show up in our group conversations. We liked it, but we weren’t fanatical about it.

Then the Chicken Tenders episode happened.

Now, we have to go on another Nolanesque time jump to 2007-2008. We were all freshman and our friendships hadn’t been fully gelled and formed. At the time, on campus food at APU was mediocre at best.

Except for wednesdays.

Wednesday was chicken tender day in the Cougar Den (The APU east campus grill). We went, every single wednesday to get our hands on the pre-packaged, deep fried poultry. Every week, I would get off class/work and head back to my dorm. Inevitably, someone would pose the question “Chicken Tenders?”

We would immediately drop what we were doing (Guitar Hero, it was always Guitar Hero) and head to the Den.

Back to 2009.

That episode reminded all of us of that first collegiate year. As soon as it was up on Hulu text messages started flying with demands that we watch the episode.

Community smashed into our conversations and became a constant discussion topic. Even today on the not often enough occasions that we are all together the phrase, “Have you watched Community?” will be uttered.

This show was one of the major bonding points of my friend groups. Now that Community is cancelled, I am sad.

I am sad that NBC has chosen to abandon a show that has a large audience, granted that audience is primarily online and not eligible for Nielson ratings (I cannot for the life of me figure out why we are still using that antiquated system).

What I think That Dan Harmon and the Folks a Sony should do is go ahead and film a sixth season. Then for distribution, either stream it online, or just make it available as a download behind a pay wall.

I own all of the seasons on DVD and still stream them from Hulu, primarily for the convenience of it. I know I would pay for that.

But in all reality, well get a Sixth Season of Community when we get a second season of Firefly.

Ok, enough bargaining. Let’s skip that whole depression thing and move on to accepting the fact that we live in a world where Community is Cancelled.

Community, thank you for 5 seasons of, funny, weird, intriguing television. You will be missed and I will still watch you on DVD and Hulu. You had a great run.


community is cancelled