Almost Human

Hey myke?


You like sci-fi right?

Yes, so?

What do you think of Almost Human?

I love it!


Well I really like Karl Urban. He is a rock solid Bones in the Star Trek reboot and he made me like Judge Dredd even more.

Wait, what? Judge Dredd? Like with Sly Stone?

Well contrary to the internet, I like the Sly Stone Judge Dredd. I know it’s insane and makes no sense, but I gee up watching 80’s and 90’s action movies with my Dad. Judge Dredd is one of those, so I get al nostalgia (totally a word) when I watch it.


I’m not talking about that Dredd, I’m talking about the remake with Karl Urban playing the titular character, and the food baby chick from Juno. It’s the polar opposite of Judge Dredd. (see what dropping the judge does?) Hyper violent and full of amazing action sequences, including a scene where we switch perspectives from people tripping on a slow motion inducing drug to the warp speed tunnel vision of the Judges.

I like that movie a lot. But, this post is about Almost Human, so…Here. We Go. (RIP Heath Ledger)

When I heard about the show and saw who was behind it I immediately turned and fanboyed (the verbification of fanboy) all over my wife.

Ewww…but I have to ask, why?

Well it’s a Bad Robot production and JJ Abrams is the man! I mean have you seen “The kid’s from Sandlot meet E.T.” AKA Super 8? Seriously, that dude taught film theory in a movie about kids making a monster movie that find themselves in a real life monster movie.


But JJ wasn’t the fuel for my excitement, that came from one name.

JH Wyman.

Who’s that?

Dude! Wyman was a producer and show runner on Fringe, my favorite TV show ever. When Fringe went off the air I had a huge Fringe shaped hole in my heart.

I was looking to fill it and Almost Human has done just that.

See JH was the one primarily responsible for the look and feel of Fringe. In other words, he’s the Johnny Ive of Sci-Fi.

Almost Human looks like fringe. It feels like Fringe. Almost Human is to Fringe as Splenda is to Pure Cane Sugar.

I love the banter between Kennex (Karl Urban) and Dorian (Michael Ealy). It’s so playful and fun. However the tone of the show can effortlessly shift between the wise cracking Batman and Robining to super dark and serious in a heartbeat, without feeling forced.

The sets and the future tech look gorgeous.

It’s also nice to see a cleaned up Mackenzie Crook from Pirates of the Caribbean.


 Mackenzie Crook-1736152



It’s a buddy cop show so we get a complete store each week, but there are threads of a larger plot at work. I can’t wait until they start tugging on them down the road.

I am excited for this show!


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