598 miles per hour 30,000 feet

As I write I’m sitting on a Southwest 737 going 598 miles per hour towards Houston Texas availing myself of the free television available on our flight. I could pay the 8 dollars a post this from the air, but I’m cheap, so it’s going up when we get to Houston.

Quick story of the best moment from the flight. So like I mentioned before, there is in flight wifi, and free satellite tv.

Allison and I have spent most of the flight watching episodes from the 18th, yes 18th season of Chopped. The young woman in the seat next to Allison spent the first two hours of trip trying to get netflix to work, even though the information page in Spirit Magazine, the bestest inflight magazine ever, says that they limit the bandwidth hogging video streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu.

Allison and Myself’s video watching has worked perfectly, primarily because we used the provided free content. Since we’re using the sponsored system, our bandwidth is prioritized.

This is what the young woman next to us has been doing on her ipad.

  1. Open Netflix
  2. Try a video.
  3. Video fails to load.
  4. Frustratedly tap to close the video.
  5. Try another one.
  6. Video fails
  7. Close netflix
  8. Repeat

For two hours.

I don’t know if she’s heard the definition of insanity, but she’s definitely acting it out.

After silently chuckling between ourselves  I ask Allison if I should tell her that they essentially block netflix and the video will never load. Allison, the loving empathetic person she is says yes, help the stubborn lady.

So I inform her that they limit the bandwidth on netflix.

Her response?

“I got a video to work earlier” in a super snarky tone.

Fine. Continue with your madness.

She has finally given up on watching netflix, but can’t figure out the free tv.

Sorry, you snapped at me, nohelpforyou, Rudy mc ruderson!