15 Second Short Films Round Up – April 23, 2014 – April, 29 2014

short films

It is once again wednesday!

Time for another 15 Second Short Films Round Up!

We Gonna Let it Burn

In this short film we mash up The Dark Knight with some Ellie Goulding and get super creepy!

This week I only did one actual 15 Second Short. However I did make two unboxing videos. The first is me unboxing my new work computer, it’s a 27 inch iMac Behemoth, and I recently got a pretty sweet XY recorder for my Video set up.

short films

27″ iMac Unboxing

Zoom H1 Recorder and Accessory Kit Unboxing

The Zoom H1 will be a great addition to my video set up and will help in making future short films. I really like the audio quality and the accessories will be useful for more than just the recorder.